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Online, Phone, and Email Sessions:
Although many people are interested in traditional video sessions, sometimes clients are seeking support through one specific, time pressing concern. My online & phone sessions provide alternative ways for clients to find relief from pressing problems. Traditional, full video sessions are always available. Shorter, 15-30 minute video sessions or emails/texts are preferred by some clients. 

1. Brief Interventions and Video Sessions: I offer Skype and FaceTime consultations for clients in 15 minute time slot increments up to a full 45-50 minute psychotherapy session. These sessions are available after a client has completed their full initial intake psychotherapy 50 minute session.  

2. Phone Sessions: Clients may alternatively choose a phone session instead of a video session. 

3. Email or Text Questions/Problems: Email and text interactions typically take 15-30 minutes, and are best suited for crisis moments when clients have a brief crisis or quick questions. For example, when traveling with a difficult partner or if at a family engagement and a client runs into an argument with a relative.  These emails are typically answered within 24 hours if a client has already completed an initial intake session.

4. "Walk and Talks": I founded Walk and Talks, LLC to offer clients a healthy alternative to traditional in-office visits. These are outdoor walking psychotherapy sessions. Walking sessions relieve stress, burn calories, release stress reducing chemicals, and improve creativity and motivation in problem solving. For more information on Walk and Talks visit

5. Thirty Minute Sessions for Half the Cost: Much work can be done in 25-30 minute sessions.  These efficient sessions are often quite effective and are also available for all clients after completing an initial intake session.