Psychotherapist & Life Coach
Specializing in Relationships

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Wellness with Gina:
Are you ready for positive change?  

I am a Texas psychotherapist and national life coach specializing in Relationship Issues including Dating, Divorce, Family Dysfunction, Surviving Narcissists, Anxiety, Depression, and other mood disorders which often flare up under stressful conditions, including dysfunctional relationships (romantic, familial, and career). 

I evaluate each person's total self care goals by looking at the complete person: psychological/emotional, physical/health, spiritual/religion, financial/career, and of course, relationships.  By creating healthier relationships, including mindful self care, we are able to alleviate stressful areas of our lives while addressing causes of many mental health issues.

I have published, "The Women's Divorce & Dating Survival Guide" (available on Amazon) and am currently completing my next self-help book for survivors of Narcissists (available on Amazon winter 2020).  

Twenty years of experience allows me to offer well researched insights based upon patterns and logical, likely outcomes. I will help define, clarify, and honor relationship boundaries while fearlessly asking for what you need in relationships. Identifying & letting go of restrictive ideas & dysfunctional patterns allows us to explore change, surpass fear based thinking, opening doors to new possibilities and courageous, rewarding life changes. As a therapist and life coach, clients receive the best of both worlds: time honored clinical skills, 20 years of experience, plus motivational, strength-based, empowering tools.

I am not a therapist who only sits back and says, " tell me how that makes you feel?" While this question is at times necessary, my sessions offer a much more dynamic, teamwork based sort of psychotherapy. I make concrete observations and suggestions which we will discuss. I believe therapy should be an open, liberating, relaxed process.  As your therapist, I help sort through your issues, set goals and discover solutions. I help connect patterns, fill in missing pieces, and guide people to the, "Aha Moments" which often only occur when looking inward with a therapist as a guide, helping clients create an accurate map of where they have been and where they intend to go.  

Working together, we address underlying issues, beliefs, patterns, & perceptions to empower & grow past barriers.  Supportive discussions along with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic techniques are fused together for a thorough, complete approach to wellness.

I also utilize a strengths based perspective with motivational, life ideas integrated with practical psychodynamic & cognitive behavioral techniques. I aim for clients to leave each session with new solutions, greater insights, confidence, clarity, self-esteem, with accountability for their action plans.

I am an interactive & motivational type of therapist, facilitating a free-flowing discussion of thoughts and feelings each session, allowing me us to sift through and identify important, meaningful areas of reflection and growth for redirection and purpose.

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