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​Are you ready for positive change?
Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or confused in your relationship or career?  Do you need to make changes in your life but don't know where to begin?  Or perhaps you have trouble following through on great plans or sabotage your hard work with bad habits or mismanaged mental health issues?  

I am a Houston therapist & life coach specializing in relationship issues including dating, divorce, life transitions, addictions, boundaries, & survivors of narcissists & other abusive, exhausting, manipulative partners/ bosses/ family members/ friends. 

I have published, "The Women's Divorce & Dating Survival Guide" (available on Amazon) and am currently completing my next self-help book for survivors of Narcissists (available on Amazon summer 2019).

I also happen to be an actress, artist, & director, using creative and insightful approaches to help clients see things from all angles in their lives.  In addition, twenty years of therapy experience allows me to offer specific insights based upon patterns and logical outcomes. I discourage compartmentalization & attachment to stifling views, restricted places, and oppressive relationships which hinder reaching positive, full potential. Identifying & letting go of restrictive ideas allows us to explore change, opening doors to new possibilities and rewarding life changes. As a therapist and life coach, clients receive the best of both worlds: time honored clinical skills, 20 years of experience, plus motivational, strength-based, empowering tools with the option of Walk and Talks walking psychotherapy/ life coaching sessions. 

I am not a therapist who only sits back and says, "Hmmm....so tell me how that makes you feel?" While this question is at times necessary, my sessions offer a much more dynamic sort of psychotherapy. I make concrete observations and suggestions which we will discuss. I believe therapy should be a lively, open, relaxed process full of free flowing thoughts and ideas. It is my experience that clients gain the greatest insights and awareness by freely discussing their issues and feelings at their own pace. I help connect patterns, fill in missing facts, and guide clients to the, "Aha Moments" which often only occur when looking inward with a therapist as a guide, helping clients create an accurate map of where they have been and where they intend to go.

My seasoned years of private practice offer clients a level of professional experience important for building trust communication, greater happiness, empowerment, honesty, respect, and intimacy. Working together, we address underlying issues, beliefs, patterns, & perceptions to empower & grow past barriers.  Motivational techniques along with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic treatment are fused together for a thorough treatment approach.

I enjoy seeing the unique strengths each person brings and offer a strengths based perspective with motivational, life coaching ideas integrated with practical psychodynamic & cognitive behavioral techniques. I aim for clients to leave each session with new solutions, greater insights, confidence, clarity, self-esteem, and action plans for change. 

I am an interactive & motivational type of therapist, facilitating a free-flowing discussion of thoughts and feelings each session, allowing me to sift through and share important, meaningful areas of reflection and growth for redirection and purpose.

In 2017, I launched, "Walk and Talks, LLC", which provides outdoor, walking counseling sessions where clients get all of the mental and physical health benefits of walking in the park while also receiving professional counseling from a trained Walk and Talks therapist. For more information on this service, please visit www.walkandtalks.com.  We are now in both Houston and L.A.

Many of my clients have anxiety, depression, addictions, and/or trauma, and these issues have caused tremendous dysfunction in their own lives and in the lives of those they love. In addition, a large portion of my clients are in unhealthy relationships, suffering from or reeling after emotional abuse and/or neglect, to the point that clients feel exhausted, depressed, and have almost completely lost their sense of self and purpose. 

Some clients seek trauma resolution while still being in love with a partner, or still wanting a parent-child bond, or continuing a tumultuous friendship, needing support in staying strong and true to their healthy choice of leaving a partner, parent, or friend who can not respect boundaries or can not refrain from controlling, explosive, angry outbursts.  

Sometimes a person with relationship problems participates first in individual therapy to work on specific issues leading to relationship stress.  Many times relationship issues improve when one person makes positive changes in communication, boundaries, and mental health.  Underlying psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse cause stress in a relationship, creating difficult barriers to communication and intimacy.  I provide logical, concrete coping skills for psychological stressors, always emphasizing self-awareness and accountability for positive change.  

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