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I am a Licensed Texas Psychotherapist specializing in Trauma Resolution for Survivors of Narcissists and Adult Children of Alcoholics and other dysfunctional families of origin.  In addition, I specialize in helping clients manage life adjustments, sometimes traumatic, and their accompanying Anxiety and Depression.  Divorce adjustments and dating issues are another area of expertise. Follow the tab on this page to learn more about my book, "The Women's Divorce and Dating Survival Guide."

Breaking free from dysfunctional families and romantic partners are difficult processes.  For families, we often continue interactions but must proceed with healthy boundaries and limited interactions.  For unhealthy romantic partners, we must break free permanently in order to heal, grow, and honor our life purpose. Both process involve ridding ourselves of fear based thinking and fear based living.  Abandonment, rejection, and loneliness need not be absorbed when dysfunctional people, intentionally or otherwise, shame and guilt us.  I love helping clients figure out their unique strategies for managing and/or breaking free from dysfunctional relationships.  Stop suffering! No one can force us to suffer. Histories of abuse are traumatic, and we certainly have suffered, however, this need not be a way of life.  I help clients resolve this trauma, rest, reflect, and rebuild their lives with joy while pursuing healthy people, places and things.

I have been specializing in Women's Issues since I opened my practice in 2000. The, "MeToo" movement has helped raise awareness in many of the issues inherent to walking through this world as a woman, especially sexual harassment and the archaic objectification, fear tactics, shaming, and oppression of women. Although I work with all genders, and there are certainly overlapping issues of trauma for everyone, issues more specific to women include sexual harassment, date rape, abusive relationships, breast cancer and other feminine cancers and survival issues, survivor of childhood sexual abuse, body image, eating disorders, exploitation and harassment, escaping and surviving physical and emotional abusers and the accompanying traumas of divorcing them, misogynist bosses and coworkers, and coparenting with an abusive ex-spouse.  I enjoy empowering survivors with confidence, solid boundaries, and zero-shame living as they thrive and eventually love themselves so much that they refuse to allow anyone or anything toxic into their healthy, peaceful lives.  Past abuse can cause chaotic sense of self, low self-esteem, and the resulting poor choices in relationships and career which often follow.  In addition, underlying family of origin (childhood) issues can fuel negative self images and poor decision making in relationships. Much anxiety and depression stems from trauma and oppressive relationships.  I help women heal and live fearlessly, finding happiness and success beyond limiting beliefs and messages.

As we all continue adjusting to novel uncertainties and stressors, I emphasize finding and committing to those things which bring joy while eliminating those things which zap us of energy, positivity, and authentic living. Despite a pandemic, we continue moving toward goals while incorporating exercise, nutrition, nature, and mindfulness.  Any client who would like to do a, "Walk and Talk" session is invited to talk on the phone during their walking psychotherapy session.  In addition, we sometimes do a hybrid of phone, then video when seated (inside or outside).  The goal is to incorporate nature and movement into sessions whenever possible (without getting motion sickness on a video).  A more flexible work schedule and access to nature is one benefit of our, "new normal." Outdoor therapy sessions (whether sitting or walking) in the yard, the park, or patio can make therapy feel more natural, peaceful, and energizing.  Of course, clients are always welcome to sit in their home, car, or wherever they feel most comfortable. Sometimes, self care means simply sitting and relaxing!

Most of us had challenges before social isolation and medical fears.  Many of these challenges have worsened, especially relationship stressors, Depression, and Anxiety.  I am here to help.  Many people find themselves experiencing sleep disorders, eating disorders, and substance abuse issues as a result of social isolation and constant bombardment with upsetting pandemic and political news. Although the pandemic is new, our sometimes dysfunctional human responses to ongoing extreme stress is 

I evaluate each person's total self care goals by looking at the complete person: psychological/emotional, physical/health, spiritual/religion, financial/career, and of course, relationships.  By creating healthier relationships, especially the one we have with ourselves, we are able to alleviate stress while addressing causes of many mental health issues.

Confidence, Self-Esteem, Empowerment, Assertiveness, Fearless and Shame-Free Living are important goals, especially within the context of Women's Issues. I enjoy helping my clients identify and overcome their specific barriers to growth and wellness and achieve their wellness goals.

I have published, "The Women's Divorce & Dating Survival Guide" (available on Amazon) and am currently completing my next self-help book for survivors of Narcissists (available on Amazon winter 2020).  

Twenty years of experience allows me to offer well researched insights based upon patterns and logical, likely outcomes. I help clients define, clarify, and honor relationship boundaries while fearlessly asking for what they need in relationships. Identifying & letting go of restrictive ideas and dysfunctional patterns allows us to explore change, surpass fear based thinking, opening doors to new possibilities and courageous, rewarding life changes. As a therapist and life coach, clients receive the best of both worlds: time honored clinical skills, 20 years of experience, plus motivational, strength-based, empowering tools.

My sessions offer a dynamic, teamwork based sort of psychotherapy. I make concrete observations and suggestions which we will discuss. I believe therapy should be an open, liberating, relaxed process.  As your therapist, I help sort through your issues, set goals and discover solutions. I help connect patterns, fill in missing pieces, and guide people to the, "Aha Moments" which often only occur when looking inward with a therapist as a guide, helping clients create an accurate map of where they have been and where they intend to go.  

Working together, we address underlying issues, beliefs, patterns, & perceptions to empower & grow past barriers.  Supportive discussions along with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic techniques are fused together for a thorough, complete approach to wellness.

I also utilize a strengths based perspective with motivational, life ideas integrated with practical psychodynamic & cognitive behavioral techniques. I aim for clients to leave each session with new solutions, greater insights, confidence, clarity, self-esteem, with accountability for their action plans.

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