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Empowering, Solution Focused Psychotherapy
My training background emphasizes psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral treatment approaches.  Every client arrives to counseling with unique life experiences.  I carefully listen to reasons for deciding to seek counseling and we work together to identify problems, patterns, and solutions.  

I realize that visiting a counselor for the first time can be stressful and sometimes clients are very nervous for a variety of reasons.  I can say that the vast majority of my clients leave their first session wondering what they were so nervous about in the first place.  

I am not a therapist who only sits back and says, 'Hmmm....so tell me how that makes you feel?" While this approach may be helpful to some clients, and there are certainly times clients must identify feelings, I practice a much more dynamic sort of psychotherapy.  I make concrete observations and suggestions which we will discuss.  I believe therapy should be a lively, open, relaxed process full of free flowing thoughts and ideas.  It is my experience as a therapist that clients gain the greatest insights and self awareness by freely discussing their issues and feelings at their own pace.  I help connect patterns, fill in missing facts, and guide clients to the, "Aha Moments" which often only occur when looking inward with a therapist as a guide, helping clients create an accurate map of where they have been and where they intend to go.  

Firmly assessing and reflecting upon, "Who am I?" and, "What do I want?" greatly helps clients in their therapeutic journey.  Many times people see us very differently than how we see ourselves.  It is my job to help clients portray their true selves based upon who they want to be rather than people pleasing without boundaries or any sense of purpose.  

We will explore your current problem and find solutions.  Often times there is a history of patterns in relationships which have led to your current life problem.  We will develop solutions and I will support you as you practice your new skills.  I believe empowerment, self-awareness, and a willingness to change are extremely important in making permanent life changes.  

Most clients report significant improvement in about 10 sessions from their immediate stressor which brought them to counseling.