Gina Gheller, MSW, LCSW
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Houston Therapist for 15 Years
I specialize in Relationship Counseling, working with individuals, couples, and families struggling with relationship issues with spouses, partners, relatives, friends, and co-workers.  As a Houston Marriage Therapist, I provide relationship counseling to couples at all stages of relationships, from dating to pre-marital counseling to divorce support and co-parenting problems.  

Sometimes a person with relationship problems participates first in individual therapy to work on specific issues leading to relationship stress.  Many times relationship issues improve when one person makes positive changes in communication, boundaries, and mental health.  Underlying psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse cause stress in a relationship, creating difficult barriers to communication and intimacy.  I provide logical, concrete coping skills for psychological stressors, always emphasizing self-awareness and accountability for positive change.  

When a couple seeks counseling together, I utilize a psychodynamic, family systems perspective in order to gather important information assessing combined family histories, marital expectations, as well as individual issues.  Couples counseling is not easy.  However, the work a couple does in therapy will help clarify a couple's commitment to change and will also provide insight and awareness for all future relationships.  A couple's treatment goal might vary.  For example, one partner might want to "fix the marriage" while the other partner might not be sure he or she even wants to stay married.  In any case, counseling will provide couples with a professional, objective, supportive ear to clarify choices and insights for future plans.

I write an informative and entertaining Houston Relationships column on  Topics vary widely from affairs to sexual disorders and dating advice.  In addition, I have posted a series of informative video interviews with several Houston attorneys for my "Divorce Support Legal Series". Readers can interact and comment or post questions at any time for any particular topic.

Due for publication in 2013 is my self-help book, "The Divorce Survival Guide for Women".  This book covers my professional and personal experiences with divorce and the hazards of post-divorce dating.   This book provides concrete ideas for any woman struggling through divorce.  A link will be posted soon for those interested in purchasing this helpful and entertaining resource on